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26-29, 2023

Join us for a collaborative retreat with Eagle Rock Creatives and United Adoration! Just as we were built for relationship with a living God, we were built for community with one another. This beautiful creative retreat will be an opportunity to learn and teach, to inspire and be inspired, to form new bonds and to grow together. If you enjoy creativity and are looking for an encounter with the Lord, this will be a priceless experience with like-minded believers in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. 

Read the descriptions below about our workshops. (You get to choose two!) Then click the link below to begin your registration. We can't wait to CREATE with you!


Writing Songs for Worship Using the Psalms

Collaborate with other songwriters and wordsmiths to learn a method of writing from the Psalms that takes away the intimidation factor. Rachel will start you off with an exercise and coach you through the rest. 


Writing Songs with a Scriptural Imagination

This workshop is best after taking Rachel’s first workshop on the Psalms, but newcomers are welcome. She will guide you through taking a passage of scripture and writing a song from it using helpful tools, and imaginative tips. 


Prophecy That Rhymes, or Doesn’t

Enacting the Need for Poetry, Written and Read


The bones of our world may look prosaic in structure, but the life of Creation is a playful explosion of poetry. We, as created and reflectional beings, require a working sense of the world that rejoices, laments, and inhabits in honor of the Creator. For this session, Adam Whipple will lead us through ways to freely unearth our poetic labor, shepherd it, and put it to work serving our communities.


The Soul of Creativity

Is your spiritual life connected to your creative life? Can spirituality affect creativity? If so, how? Author Janna Barber will explore these questions and more, while helping you find the specific story your soul wants to tell.


Collaborative Worship Painting

In this unique workshop, we will paint in synchronicity with another artist. Utilizing scripture as our artistic inspiration, we will experience greater joy, unity, and develop trust as we worship. This workshop will strengthen your confidence to creatively collaborate with other artists.  

Visual Art for Prayer and Emotional Healing

Utilizing techniques found in Art Therapy, Natalie has developed Spirit-led Visual Art Activities that you can do at home to bring depth to your prayer life and emotional processing. We will explore how to connect with God through our imagination and create simple drawings that express our perspective and heart with Him. Anticipate a safe space for Jesus to encourage you in this season. This is a friendly art class for those who have limited art skills, but desire to develop a new creative rhythm for connecting with God.  

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For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."

Romans 12:4-5

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